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Serious fun, deepening your practice of NVC.


DO can be translated as way, path, or road, essentially a route to get where you want to go, which can be anything physical, mental or spiritual that has particular significance for you. In the case of NVC, we want to head towards a stronger version of ourselves in which we embody and manifest nonviolence.
JO means ‘a place’ – somewhere special in which we pursue our dream and practice our chosen path. It’s a place in which we remind ourselves of our intentions and explore how to integrate them into the way we relate to others and to the world around us.


At least two days training in NVC or equivalent


9th Nov, 14th Dec 2019; 11th Jan 2020



17.00 – 19.00




£120.00 for three sessions

Singing the song of care and compassion

I’m imagining that NVC has got you hooked. Perhaps you’ve been captivated by Marshal Rosenberg on YouTube. You’ve had some training. Maybe you’ve joined a practice group.

You have a strong sense of the potential power of NVC. You’ve been putting your learning into practice and you’ve noticed differences in how things have worked out for you and for others.

Now, you want to build on those successes. You want to live your values – and you see NVC as a means of orchestrating your life.

Holding your tune

Sometimes your song is drowned out by the less harmonious members of your internal choir. And when your own voices of self-judgment, disappointment, frustration and sadness get mixed up with the growls and shouts from those around you, the result is a discordant cacophany that no one enjoys.

When ‘The Sound of Music’ meets the ‘Heavy Metal’ gang, your NVC voice needs to sing ever more strongly.

The NVC DOJO is the place to build that strength. 

 The DOJO will give you…


Insights into the subtleties of NVC


Understanding of the complexities of the apparently-simple process


Gently given coaching and feedback


Practice in handling challenging situations


Ideas to follow up and experiment with between sessions


Learning how to stay in NVC consciousness no matter what others say or do


Support in showing up in the world in line with your values

… so that you


... recognise your habitual reactions and responses and how they help or get in the way

Every one of us will have built up patterns of communication over the years. Unless we are aware of what these are, we will be in thrall to them. Awareness frees us from their tyranny and sets us on the road towards choosing how we relate.


... can better manage situations that trigger you

When we experience intense and destabilising emotional reactions, it’s usually a sign that our nervous system is responding to a perceived threat to our safety. Recognising our triggers and understanding their origins sets us on course for being able to manage them.


... build relationship based on care and compassion

The world needs every one of us to live our lives with this intention.


... give and receive feedback in ways that are life-enriching

Too often, feedback carries the message ‘you’ve done something wrong’. No wonder it’s hard to hear! But when it comes from a genuine desire to be helpful, it can be a potent source of learning.


... stay connected to your needs even under pressure

When the pressure’s on, the default might be to push back or else to acquiesce. The alternative that NVC offers is to find ways forward that take your needs – and the needs of others – into account so that you can find a solution that you can all live with.


... can walk towards conflict

Many of us find conflict scary and will try to avoid it. others revel in giving as good as they get. NVC guides us towards the unexpressed needs behind the tension, and helps us to navigate the stormy waters, eventually reaching a place of calm and understanding.

0Is the NVC DOJO a fit for you?


Have you had at least two days training in NVC? Or equivalent experience?


Will you commit to showing up consistently and doing some work in between sessions?


Are you excited by the potential of exploring situations from multiple perspectives?


Do you see value sharing your journey with a small group of committed fellow travellers?


Are you willing to celebrate your successes and share your challenges with the group, for mutual benefit?


Would you love to integrate NVC consciousness, principles and processes into the way you show up in the world?

0What people say

‘Spend time with Jo and learn what she has to offer. She models NVC so effortlessly.’

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Jo and her NVC teaching has changed my life. Now, I have the elegant approach and structures of NVC at my side to help me better communicate with more clarity and skill, with respect and compassion for the other person, and myself too. And also, surprisingly, I’ve realised the more I communicate from an NVC perspective, the more I feel things actually shifting inside me too i.e. me being more compassionate with others (myself too). So, this is far more than just a communication toolbox, this is a way of being in the world.


‘These calls are unmissable. They nourish me in so many different ways.’

‘I’ve been on several online calls with Jo and am always amazed at the different insights and perspectives that I’ve come away with. They’ve been an enormous help in my work as an executive coach, giving me ways of getting at what really matters to my clients and helping them to talk about things that are so often out of bounds at work. The calls have been nourishing to me in my family life, too. If I  have to miss a call, I really notice.’