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How do I know you understand me?

A new workshop on bringing more empathy into your relationships at work and at home

What will you learn?

We will explore and practise how to:

  • bring an empathic presence to yourself and others
  • create a safe space that enables people to express their vulnerabilities
  • show other people that you ‘get’ them
  • listen for the needs underlying people’s judgments and criticisms
  • defuse conflict by empathising with people’s needs and building connection.

The results?

  • Richer, closer and more satisfying relationships.
  • Confidence in handling strong emotions
  • Gratitude from your family, colleagues and friends because they will know that you understand them.




Saturday 1st July and Saturday 8th July

How much?

I ask £197 for the workshop.

I genuinely want it to be available to anyone, so if money would prevent you from attending, please contact me.

Special offers

If you have already attended a workshop on empathy but would like to explore the subject further, please contact me for a special deal.