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Becoming more fluent in NVC

If your experience is anything like mine, a short programme like Building Better Relationships, or a 2-day Foundation Training in NVC opened up a new range of possibilities.

I hope you’ve enjoyed trying out different ways of relating to people (including yourself).

But I’m confident in guessing that the experience is only just the beginning. So I want to invite you to take the next step.

To make it easy and accessible, I invite you to join the current BBR programme group in the one-day workshop and/or the webinar series. If this appeals to you, use the form below to choose the whole programme or just part of it.



What else?

There’s a new workshop coming soon called ‘How do I know you understand me?’ which is about developing your empathic presence.

It will be two days face to face, in Churt, Surrey.

The cost will be £190.

In my next newsletter, I will send a link to a Doodle poll to find canvas support for weekday or weekends.