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Foundation training in NVC

Four online sessions covering the ethos and principles of Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) offers a powerful way to bring clarity, strength and compassion into our relationships – with ourselves and with others.

In this practical and experiential workshop, we will cover:

  • the intention of nonviolent communication
  • four elements that help to make our communication nonviolent
  • the way our thoughts shape what we feel and do
  • the process of self-empathy and how that helps us to regulate our emotions
  • ways of transforming blame and criticism of others into empathy for them.

We will explore and practise:

  • the silent, internal processing that will enable you to manage your emotions and speak from the heart, even in highly conflictual and challenging situations
  • expressing yourself without blame or criticism of others
  • receiving other people’s strong feelings with empathy
  • dealing with anger – your own and other people’s
  • offering appreciation and gratitude in meaningful ways.

The scenarios we work with will mostly be based on situations that you and other participants bring so that everything is grounded in real life.

Dates, times and platform

 20th and 27th June; 4th and 11th July; 09.30 – 12.30 UK time. We’ll be using Zoom.

(I’ll send the link and joining instructions when you book.)


£190.00 (or £220.00 if you can offset it against your income tax liability)

I want my workshops to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their means. So if lack of resources would be a barrier to you coming, PLEASE talk to me.

Special offer

I have heard from several participants that they have gained great benefit from repeating the workshop.

So if you have already done a Foundation Training with me, or completed my Building Better Relationships programme, think about the value of deepening your understanding of NVC and becoming more fluent and comfortable with putting it into practice.

Join the workshop at half the full rate and get more practice and insights. If this appeals, please contact me.