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How to make a complaint

My intention as a coach, trainer and conflict facilitator

I offer my services with the intention of building relationships that you experience as warm, non-judgmental, caring and compassionate. I will do my utmost to be fully present to your needs and to use my skills and experience to support you.

If I say or do something that stimulates pain, hurt or dissatisfaction in you, or in some other way doesn’t meet your expectations, I would like you to tell me. This is how I learn to recognise my blindspots and to understand the impact I have on people. I want to hear your concerns, conflicts and/or complaints.

I undertake to listen to your feedback and to explore with you how we might restore our relationship.

Complaints process

Contact me directly
Please email me (jo@jo-mchale.com) with ‘Complaint’ in the header, to say what it is that you’d like me to hear and any suggestions you’d like to make.

If this feels too scary, I am very willing to hear from someone speaking on your behalf.

In either case, I will do my utmost to respond in a timely way, ideally within 48hrs.

If your feedback is hard for me to hear, I will seek support before we take the next step.

Next step
We will discuss a way of talking things through. This could be by phone, by Zoom or in person.

If it would help you to speak your truth, please invite a supporter to be present.

We might decide between us that we would both like a third party to facilitate our dialogue.

If we can’t work things out between us….
I am part of the Conflict Transformation Weave (CTW) – a group of NVC practitioners who help NVC communities to respond to and move through conflicts, by building agreements, skills and resilience. I would invite one of my colleagues in CTW to contact you and to explore a way forward. To avoid bias in my favour, they might suggest contacting someone from outside CTW.

I am willing to pay for such services to the extent of one hour for you, one for me and up to two hours for you and me together.

If you are still not satisfied….
I am an NVC trainer certified with the international Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) I hold a current license to practice. You can follow this link for a copy of the license which includes the process that CNVC uses to resolve disputes.

In time, it is the intention of CTW to establish an ‘Ethics Panel’. So if you and I could not achieve a satisfactory resolution, you would have the option to ask to be referred to the panel.