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NBuilding restorative systems for transforming conflict in groups and teams at work and in the community

Conflict is inevitable. What matters is how we respond to it – and all too often, we resort to unskilful reactions that inflame rather than transform the differences that lie between us.

What can we do about this?

As individuals, we might choose to develop our ability to manage ourselves and to respond with more care and understanding.

But teams and working groups will benefit from something more – namely:
•   an understanding of the options available, and their appropriateness to particular situations
•   an agreed system for working with – and transforming – conflict when it arises.

To address this, my colleagues and I are running an online programme comprising eight weekly sessions of two hours each. It is particularly suited to groups that have embraced the ethos of nonviolent Communication.


1. Developing a mindset that embraces – and is not afraid of – conflict
2. Developing the collective mindset and resources needed for a restorative system
3. Implementing a system that includes restorative practices
4. Specific elements within a system, including supported dialogue and mediation
5. Restorative group process: restorative circles – scope and format
6. Practice in restorative circles
7. Case study and practice
8. Case study and practice

Dates and time

Mondays at 19.00 – 21.00

23rd and 30th September; 7th, 14th, 28th October; 4th, 11th 18th November 2019


We invite contributions according to means, in the range of £75.00 (for individuals with limited resources) to £300 if a company is paying.